Call to support social research projects: vocational training, early school leaving and job insecurity


The ”la Caixa” Social Observatory has announced a call to foster research in the social sciences by supporting original research that can shed light on three specific aspects of social reality in Spain: vocational training, early school leaving and job insecurity.

The total budget of the call is 144,000 euros, for a maximum of 12 projects.


Quantitative research projects that can be carried out in 6 months and that deal with the following topics:

  • Vocational training in its broadest sense, i.e. the relationship between training, education and transition to employment.

  • Early school leaving and the social and/or economic implications of this problem.

  • Job insecurity, including temporary or irregular work and also any so-called gig economy related research.



The call offers a grant of €12,000 per project (including taxes, expenses and overheads of the university or research centre, where applicable). A maximum number of 12 projects will be funded.



The beneficiaries of this grant undertake to:

  • Submit an original, unpublished outreach article explaining the results and conclusions of the research, to be published on the Social Observatory.

  • Submit an annex that describes in detail the research methodology and technical analytical aspects used.

  • Sign an agreement with the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation that will regulate the commitments as set out in the call’s terms and conditions. This agreement will be signed through your university or research centre.



  • The call is open to all individual researchers or research teams of any nationality conducting their activity in universities, research centres or private non-profit organisations dedicated mainly to research and headquartered in Spain.




  • Application deadline: the proposals can be submitted until 2 pm (Central European Time) on 4 November 2019.

  • The proposals must be sent to the email of the ”la Caixa” Social Observatory:

  • Notification of the selected proposals will be made by means of the contact email of the main researcher that was provided during the application process. Information on the resolution of the call will be published on the website of the ”la Caixa” Social Observatory. Both announcements will be made no later than 5 December 2019.